Tuesday, February 23, 2010

End of this chapter of my Tale

Finally in my very own room of my very own house.
Its has been a long time since I set foot on this house.
Feels like… Home :)

I’ve been thinking on my way to the airport earlier on.
I thought of what have I gain and learn from this internship.

FIY, I’ve been a Vice President of IAESEC for a year before I started this internship and I’m familiar with almost everything I do over in Taiwan.
Even in Taiwan itself, one of the most common question that hits me is “why did I come over seeing I can’t learn anything much from here?”.

People usually learn from the best, learn from someone who is better than he/she.
My trip to Taiwan? Completely the Opposite.

I don’t work with all the Big Shots, President, Vice President or people like that. I work with normal members, lower end people, lower education people, people are living in a small village in a remote area.
Rewind 2 years back, I never hold position in any clubs, I never lead any team, I ran for election and was selected as Vice President. Without proper knowledge and capabilities, I had a very tough term looking what I was left behind and what I have at that point of time. It has been really hard for me. All I can do is keep pushing myself without proper way of learning and struggling to keep up with the pace set by others. Thank god I manage to not only do well, but was at the top of the chart. However, I reach my limit and was exhausted when I reach the ending point of my term. I couldn’t find motivation in whatever I need to do. So I thought I needed a change, I need something different. Decision done, I accepted my Taiwan Internship.

When 1st come over here, I thought I made a wrong decision with a few things which upsets me.
Then I started working with the people here. It’s completely different the way they work things out. Everything I learn before this about Effective, Efficient, Speed, Accuracy, Power and things like that. What I see here in Taiwan? Slow, Steady, Take it easy, Keep in simple, Details and it continues. As funny as it sounds, it’s just what I needed at that point of time. I take things easy, keep it simple, just try my best. Soon, I find myself getting back to the Happy go Lucky guy I’ve always been before this. My motivation finds me instead of me looking for it and I’ve never been so motivated.

In Short, what I gain, I gain from lower end people.

I’ve always had this feeling of wanting to try out tourism stuff and this trip allows me to do that too. Along with a lot of all the little things which I’ve always want to do. Working a really cool place? Yes it is. Listening to the river flow every day? The office is right beside a government protected river. Working in a place with no pollution? Yes, no pollution there. Able to listen and look at birds flying here and there? Yes I get that too. Holding a bird in my hand? Yes. Own homemade coffee? Yes. And so on and so forth.

During this period, I notice another important thing which was long forgotten by me. 
"If I want something, I just need to go get it."
My time in Taiwan won't be as great as it it, I won't be as happy as I am now if I don't realize this. It's also the reason why I ended up completing almost 3 internships instead of one. I'm officially a trainees of CTLC. Then I was there in most of NTLC Winter Camps. Then I was helping another 2 small business is their marketing stuff. 

Finally, I came to a conclusion of this chapter:
It’s about all the small and useless pieces being combine together and became a beautiful priceless piece of work. At least it is for me.

With this, it marks the end of my internship in Taiwan. It marks the end of this chapter of my journey.
This is my tale, this is my story. How about yours?

Special thanks to:
Nature and Ecology Society of MiaoLi, C.E, Ah Ping and Family, Aunt and Uncle who worked with me,  , Shitan Secondary School, CTLC, Katherine Lin, Van, Ines, Peggy, YunYun, Chris, Benny, NTLC, Julian, Cira, Angeline, Yule, Trainess of CTLC and NTLC, FungRou Jie, Mum and Dad.
Thanks for helping me and giving me such a great time. It’s like I never leave home with all of you being so nice and were like my family.

P.S: This is the last post on this blog. A new chapter calls for a new story and a new blog. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Night

Last Good Night for you.

Nitez Taiwan

Time Flies

The time starts ticking…
A second passed by…
A minute passed by…
A day, A week, A month and finally…
More than 2 and a half months passed by.
As I sit on my comfortable chair in my dorm, memories flash by as if it just happened yesterday…
How funny my reception turns out to be…
How I met with the aunties and uncles who are working with me…
How I ended up with a “breakfast girlfriend”…
How I official held a bird in my hands and save it...
How I ended up doing almost 3 internships instead of 1…
 How I met up with my friend from another country…
And the list can continue for a few more pages.
Now here I am, blogging before I spend my sleep for the last time in a place which gave me so much memories. 

The First Picture I took since i landed here.
Notice why I was a bit far behind and the girl on the right side laughing?
It's because they are actually cam whoring  without noticing me and i pop out behind when they take their picture. The girl who laugh is the only one who notice I'm there. 

24 hours

Less than 24 hours to go...

Feeling of knowing i can get home is so great yet part of me is reluctant to leave this wondrous place.

Time is ticking...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese New Year Event

Some sort of Chinese New Year event was held next to my office today.
There’s shops, dragon dance, some sort of traditional thingy competition, Chinese drum performance, lion dance and most importantly, free meals.
What I find it different is about the dragon dance. They actually threw BIG firecrackers towards the dragon while it is performing. It’s quiet dangerous but it fun. Do that in Malaysia and you’ll be in the court the following weeks getting sue by other people. 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

48 hours to go

Less than 48 hours later, both my feet won’t be touching the land which I’ve been in for the last couple of months ago.

I’ll be in an airplane, getting ready to take off all the way back to my homeland. 

Time for Goodbye

2 and a half months since I set foot on Taiwan.
Now, only 2 and a half days before I leave.
“Goodbye” has already started coming out from my mouth.
It started with the owner of an orange yard while having a good talk with him in the afternoon.
And I suppose that I’m going to be saying that word very often until I leave.
They say Goodbye is the saddest word, will it be the same for me?

Cute? Think again!